MyOTF is all about sharing and we built this application around this very principle. We recognize that a project like this contains 3 main types of contributions, and each has a significant role in the end success.

  • Application: The team who builds the application, hosts it, and supports the client-base.
  • Content Authors: The people who develop the content of the courses offered through MyOTF.
  • Referral Sources: The people who refer others to MyOTF so end-users can take online training courses.

We develop our e-Learning courses in the Articulate suite of products. Both MyOTF and DATS ( work seamlessly with courses created through the use of their products. We know there are thousands of other people out there developing content that could be easily plugged-in to our systems, and we want them (you) to reach out to us so we can have a chat.