What makes MyOTF different than the "big" names in the online training industry? Here are some of our Differentiators.



We make our courses cost less. We're not greedy. These courses are already bought and paid for. Plus, our easy to use platform virtually eliminates help desk requests.




We offer Live Help with a real person to every person who uses MyOTF - not just company administrators.


Streamlined Content


We streamline our course content to intentionally leave out the "super geeky" details that only 1% of the population actually needs. This often shaves off 20 to 50 percent of the student's time and keeps the training focused on what actually applies to their job.


Unlimited Course Viewing


Trainees can view the course materials anytime, even after they have completed the course. We believe that to be effective, MyOTF needs to make the training behind every certification readily accessible for future reference. This may not seem important for a course like WHMIS, but if you are trying to remember how to fill out your logbook, as covered in the School Bus Hours of Service training, then being able to refer back to the course anytime over the next two years may be pretty helpful.


Verifiable Wallet & Wall Certificates


Every MyOTF course includes printable certificates. Each contains a unique code that current, future, and prospective employers can verify online. This simple forgery prevention technique has proven to be very useful for all parties involved.


Companies Buy Credits, Not Seats


Companies subscribing to MyOTF purchase credits, which can then be applied to any combination of trainees and courses. These credits can also be easily reallocated, so you don't wind up spending money on courses that people don't end up taking.


We Can Add Your Custom Courses


MyOTF offers companies the option of adding their own custom/proprietary courses for delivery to their personnel. Common requests include Employee and/or Contractor Orientations and site-specific WHMIS training programs.


We Develop Custom Courses


Looking for some help developing a custom course? We do that! In fact, building custom SMS and EMS Orientations is a mainstay of our parent company's business. 


We Can Think Bigger Than MyOTF


MyOTF is a "Lean, Mean, e-Learning Machine" but it is not a full-featured Learning Management System (LMS). MyOTF's big brother is our flagship application called DATS. DATS includes everything that you see in MyOTF plus a bunch of other functionality that cannot be described in this simple note. To learn more, see www.GetDATS.com.

Open a Free Account

Opening an account takes about 1 minute and is completely free. No payment information is required until you are satisfied with what you see. Please note, your voucher code does not entitle you to a verifiable printed certificate. You can take the training, but the record of your successful completion require a purchase.



Join MyOTF

Join MyOTF right now and we'll give you a free course of your choosing. Please note, certificates are not printable for free previews.

MyOTF is Easy

MyOTF is easy to use. We've created simple Administrator tools - and we maintain a keen focus on ease-of-use for the end users, your trainees.