We’ve taken a good course and made it better. The training program has been re-written and visually enhanced. We’ve also supplemented the content to include more types of “Critters”, along with a bunch of best practices for dealing with all of those nasty bugs out there! With that said, the bulk of this course is still largely about woking in bear country.


In keeping with being the low cost alternative, how does $10 sound?

Here is a quick comparison. If you find somebody who better meets your needs, even if they cost more, then we are happy to have helped you out.

  • ENFORM: $20
  • Amaruk: $195

As it turns out, we could not find others online. Let us know if we have missed anybody so we can help others with their comparisons.

This course includes a downloadable and printable certificate which contains a unique code that can be used to verify training.

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