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By creating your MyOTF account today, you will have access to a powerful yet easy to use learning management & tracking system and an increasingly growing list of classroom quality courses. Creating a MyOTF account is entirely free and requires no long term commitment. All that we ask is that you read and agree to our Terms of Service before creating your account.

To create your MyOTF account, please fill in the form to the left in its entirety – leaving only the Promo Code box empty if you do not have one.

Once your account has been created, you will quickly receive an email containing your login portal url as well as your login credentials. After logging in, you will have access to a “5 Minute Quick Start Guide”. This guide will help you set up your account with training courses of interest, create a user to be trained, and finally assign some training to that user. This process, while not long, will take you on a tour throughout MyOTF and it’s highly recommended that you view it before proceeding.

Don’t have a Voucher Code?

Voucher Codes give you free access to complete two courses, you just won’t get a certificate of completion to print.  It’s a great way to go for a test drive.

Digital Action Tracking System

Voucher Code: 6IUM2U

Alberta Forest Products Association

Voucher Code: KU6D2E

Tatonga Consulting

Voucher Code: RJVPL8

Kosabeck Consulting

Voucher Code: VKL30J

Strategic HSE Systems

Voucher Code: F7FRAT

Haland Learning

Voucher Code: 05373K