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What can MyOTF do for you?

MyOTF is the result of nearly 25 years of safety training experience so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve utilized this knowledge in creating a powerful yet easy to use learning management & tracking system linked with rich, informative and beautifully designed e-learning courses at an incredible price. Users see only what they need to see so that they can remain focused on the training required while supervisors are provided with a set of tools that allow them to monitor their team’s progress.

Customized Portal

Each and every MyOTF customer is given a unique and customizable portal in which to access their training. This login portal is secured with an industry leading 256 bit encryption SSL certificate that ensures the privacy of all who login.

The image on the right illustrates a personalized MyOTF customer portal. The Pylon Corporation’s employees access their training by going to and once there, they see the familiar company logo which removes a lot of the confusion when utilizing an external third-party training provider.


Employee Home Page

Traffic lights are an effective way of conveying an important message that everyone is familiar with. MyOTF utilizes the same red, yellow, green system to convey the status of an employee’s training. If training is due now it’s highlighted in red and the user should stop and take immediate action. If it’s due soon it’s highlighted in yellow and the user should take action as soon as possible. And, if the training is current and no actions are needed it’s highlighted in green. This easy to understand system is utilized throughout MyOTF.

From the Employee Home Page, a person can also download and print off a wallet card and a full size training certificate as proof of their course completion. To see an example of this certificate click here.


Taking Courses

All of the courses offered by MyOTF contain rich instructional material with pictures, voice overs, and videos. This level of polish and detail brings classroom quality courses to your computer anytime, anywhere, and at a fraction of the cost of an onsite instructor or sending a person to a course.

MyOTF is often a more effective training tool because an employee defines their own pace as they work through the training material. They can go through the material any number of times and once they feel comfortable with what they’ve learned they can challenge the quiz at the end of each lesson. Once the mastery quiz has been passed the user will be able to print off a wallet card and a full size training certificate as proof of their course completion.


Admin Overview

MyOTF gives you instant access to employee training information. You can start with big picture metrics to see the overall status of your system and the details are readily available.

Have a question or suggestion? MyOTF has a live support line for getting in touch with a real person to answer questions in seconds at no additional cost. Feel free to contact us at anytime and we’ll be glad to help out.


Advanced Management Features

MyOTF has a suite of easy to use management tools that get this critical information displayed, exported, or printed in an organized and understandable fashion with just a few clicks.

Deploying and managing a Learning Management System doesn’t have to be hard. With MyOTF, assigning 20 or even 100+ users to WHMIS takes just 5 clicks. Create a free MyOTF account today and see just how easy training your employees should be.